30 September 2009


I just spent three and a half years as a Young Womens president. That's eighteen-hundred-and-twenty Sunday YW meetings, eighteen-hundred-and-twenty mutual activities plus countless stake activities, temple baptisms, standards nights, Young Women in Excellence nights, Young Womanhood Recognition nights, leadership meetings, lessons, rides to-and-from etc. Oh yeah, and eighteen-hundred-and-twenty ward council meetings. I'm pooped. So I thought I'd get a little break by getting a cushy stake YW presidency calling.

Uh, what was I thinking?

The first week we had a two-hour presidency meeting. Plus another meeting with the stake presidency. And then Sunday meetings from ten to five. Yowzah.

Not that I'm complaining. Heaven knows I need all the blessings I can get. And going to meetings has got to have some sort of 'forgive all your sins' bonus. Right?

I'll be back with my take on young womens. But I've got to go lie down for a bit...

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