14 October 2009


How do you do it?
I am amazed at the ability to cook great food for the masses. When I was a kid, Sister E worked for the local school district as the cafeteria lady. She was way more than average. She made cinnamon rolls every morning for a 'snack.' She also insisted on using real butter in all of her cooking. The kids used to eat all their green beans—probably because of the yummy butter she'd cook them in. She should have won an award.

If I could find her, I'd pay her a million dollars to come cook for our girls camp.

I'm going to try to channel her by preparing some food-snob pizza-on-the grill, caramelized fruit tarts, and any chocolate wonderfulness. What great food experiences have you had @ girls camp?

My dad took the Scouts on a 50-miler and nearly had a brawl over the last grain of salt. Once, we ran out of bread @ girls camp. It caused a bit of stress! Another time, each ward cooked separately for themselves. In general, the food was terrible. One ward in the stake had a visitor who showed up late @ night with an entire car loaded with chips, salsa, candy, soda, and other yummies. The rest of us nearly cried.

So next year I'm trying to take all the good things about food @ camp and eliminate the bad.
What worked for you?
What would you do differently?
Do you hire a camp cook? If so, how do you integrate the YW in the food preparation?
Should I leave my 'foodie' sensibilities @ home? Or is there a way to gourmet-ize camp food?

Would love to hear your suggestions.

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