22 October 2009


So I'm working on my Personal Progress, again. It's wonderful. I'm working on Faith value experience number one. So I'm praying every morning and evening. And I'm thinking about faith. I found myself thinking, and then asking, that if the Lord could move mountains, tame lions and part seas would He be able to hold back the water leaking from the roof in my bedroom. He did. Though hardly comparable to a biblical miracle, it was a much-needed answer to prayer. It was humbling to realize He does answer prayers and He does know my needs. And for me on that day, stopping a flood was just as big and important as keeping the lions at bay.

Why is it that I know He can and will do these things, yet sometimes I don't think He will do them for me or for this time? Why did Mahonri Moriancumer receive custom-lit rocks? I think MM made better requests. He talked to the Lord more than I do. He didn't think to himself, 'oh, that's a dumb idea, don't ask the Lord to light those rocks.' He didn't tell himself not to ask the Lord at this time because he should read his scriptures better for three weeks before being worthy. Sometimes I stop my own blessings. When I don't ask in faith, I have denied my own request, before I've even proposed the idea. Doing so negates the power of the Lord. Not having faith cuts the Lord from our life by refusing to let Him bless us.

So for this week (and the next, because it's a three-week journey of praying am/pm and thinking about faith / writing in my journal, etc.) I'm going to be more faithful. I'm going to think, 'hey, I'm going to ask the Lord for that,' and I'm going to expect that He will answer. I think Moses was pretty certain that the Lord would provide a way to get through that sea and escape the Egyptians. I need to work to become more like Moses. I need to kneel and ask and get up and go to work. And expect the miracle. Because the miracle will happen. I've seen it before and I'll see it again.

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  1. I agree! Great post. We should expect and ask for miracles in our lives.