12 October 2009


In our stake we've had three years of The Best Fundraiser Ever. We have a service auction. We stole the idea from the Young Adult ward who raised a cool $12,000 for needy families one Christmas. The concept is simple: get people in the stake to donate their cool stuff / services. Then get other people in the stake to buy the stuff / services. We've had professional basketball game tix, financial planning hours, motor-home use for a week, eyelash extensions, private pilot lessons and homemade cookies. Anything you can imagine, you can sell. And most anything you can imagine, you can buy. Plus, we've got this great auctioneer (a real one) who whips the crowd into a buying frenzy. Last year, during a recession, we made more than ever.

There's both a silent auction for the smaller stuff: cookies, cakes, babysitting services, tennis lessons, artwork, yu-gi-oh! card collections, etc. And a big, fast, loud bonifide auction for the big-ticket items.

My favorite part is seeing loving stake members feign battling-it-out over an item, say, a monthly cookie delivery, and end up spending $300 bucks. It's beautiful. And those cookies were definitely worth it.

What fundraising has worked well for you?

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  1. fabulous idea!! our favorite fundraiser so far was actually for scouts but the YW got involved. We had an "anything" derby. people had to buy pinewood derby cars for $10 each but they could turn them into anything. The YW got involved by creating "anything" cakes/cookies that people bought. the cars were fabulous. one family duct taped a large rock to the chunk of wood. Another family rigged up remote control engines (their car won). Anyway, both groups were able to earn money. good times.