15 October 2009


Hot on our new agenda is a stake leadership training meeting. We have hardly grasped our own stake yw presidency responsibilities and feel overwhelmed with the prospect of TRAINING anyone. How on earth will we train any leaders? I think the 'on earth' is the key. We will not train any leaders. We will only be effective if we pray and study and prepare and then get out of the way of the Spirit, which will train the leaders. I served in a stake primary calling a few years back and found that every time I tried to get in and train or teach or do anything, I merely got in the way. The best training meetings, the best activities, the best anythings happened when I prayed and fasted and studied and prepared, then showed up and let the Spirit take charge. The Lord loves the YW and the YW leaders more than I do. He knows what they need. He knows what they have been seeking. He knows what to say to them. I am merely the messenger, who sends out invitations, shows up and brings refreshments.

Once I figured that out, leadership training meetings were cake.

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