16 October 2009


When I served in the Primary, we had a visit from a member of the Primary general board. She suggested a great way to foster harmonious relationships with priesthood leaders. When you need to tell them / ask them something (here's a list of callings we need filled in YW, here's a list of YW who need interviews, or whatever), make an appointment rather than catching them in the hall. Fantastic suggestion. So simple, yet so effective. Send an email. Or call. That way the request is couched in a formal setting. They're going to remember it. And it'll make everyone look better, do better and feel better in their callings.

Think about it, when people come up and blurt out a quick, 'hey, can you do the thing @ that thing for me on the tenth?' we smile and nod and say, oh yeah, can't wait. Then we never think of it again. We had every intent to help them but were overwhelmed with our own agenda (kids yanking us away, RS ladies telling stories, etc.) right then and didn't really comprehend (i.e. write down) what we talked about. And then it was gone.

I'd be willing to bet that a good chunk of those bishoprics who never got back to us or those YM presidents who dropped the ball merely forgot or were preoccupied when we 'discussed the matter.' Just a quick email would alleviate that and help everyone look with-it.

I love having an email trail to 'remember' what things I committed to do. Am guessing the priesthood leaders love it too.

What advice do you have for working more effectively / more lovingly with others?

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  1. fantastic suggestions! best to try to make others look good/feel good AND actually get something done. after all, church isn't like corporate america.....but there is a performance review.