24 October 2009


One way to accomplish big things is to divide the large goal into small daily tasks. Like eating an elephant; in tiny bite-sized pieces.
I could do better at this. I prefer to eat my elephants all in one sitting, resulting in massive distress, illness, and neglect of other areas in my life. Shortly after finishing the first elephant, I turn to one of those neglected areas and eat that elephant (all @ once.) Again, at the expense of all else. It's a terrible cycle. And results in a messy house, car, schedule and attitude.

So I'm trying to work on cutting the job into smaller portions and eating only a few pieces at a time. Like scripture study. Better to pour tiny drops of oil into my lamp every day than to try to drown the lamp with six cups of oil on a Sunday afternoon. And better to work two hours a week on an upcoming Leadership Training Meeting than to cram ten hours into the day before the ladies arrive.

I think it's a divine principle to work day by day to accomplish something big. Look @ gardening. And parenting. It will take me a while to get used to it. But I think I'm going to enjoy eating lots of small meals.

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  1. fantastic advice. thanks for posting!!! i love your blog!